When Do You Need Podiatry Treatments in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a foot doctor in Hong Kong, here are some tips. Read more about foot health education, minor procedures, and Diabetes. You can also learn more about Orthotics and little systems of the foot. Whether you need a foot surgeon in Hong Kong or an orthotic device, a Podiatry clinic can help you. Many hospitals in Hong Kong offer Podiatry treatments.


Foot health education

Foot problems are common among Hong Kong residents, but the government has not yet formally recognized podiatry practice in Hong Kong. A significant number of people also do not want to undergo western medical treatment and opt for treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, such as an acupuncturist or Bone Setter. In addition, Hong Kong patients tend to be more tolerant of pain than other patients in mainland China, and many prefer to keep their intact limbs to undergo western medicine.


Minor procedures of the foot

There are a variety of foot conditions in Hong Kong that Podiatry doctors treat. These conditions can range from superficial injuries, such as corns, to chronic problems, like Diabetes. Many of these conditions are caused by the warm, humid weather, which can harm the foot and make healing difficult. However, several factors make this area of the world an ideal place to seek Podiatry care.



An orthotic is a medically prescribed innersole that is custom-made to the foot. It is designed to correct biomechanical issues at all levels, from the feet up. Orthotics stabilize the body, eliminate tractional pull on the muscles and joints, and improve foot function. Many types of orthotics are available in Hong Kong. You can request a custom orthotic for your condition from your Podiatry Clinic.



Foot Healthcare Specialists in Hong Kong provide foot care for diabetic patients. These patients may not have been diagnosed with Diabetes, but many may not be aware of the complications of this disease and how vital their foot care is. Diabetes is an increasing problem for Hong Kong citizens, and their sedentary lifestyles and Westernized diets may have contributed to an increased risk. To prevent foot complications and ensure optimum foot health, people with Diabetes must receive regular foot exams to detect and treat problems early.


Ingrown toenails

Surgical treatment for ingrown toenails can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. There is no single treatment for this condition, although some surgical procedures have a lower recurrence rate than others. The primary objective of a surgical procedure is to produce a cosmetic and functional outcome with a low chance of recurrence. Surgical techniques like phenol mastoidectomy can also be used for ingrown toenail treatment.


Chronic painful toenail problems

There are many different causes of chronic painful toenail problems. Onychomycosis is a common dermatological infection that can cause severe pain. It has been estimated that 26.8% of people in Europe have the disease, which is also quite common in Hong Kong. A study by the Department of Health in Hong Kong examined 2,382 samples of infected nails to determine the prevalence of this disease. The study also found that the disease was more common in women than men, and its prevalence was higher in those in the 20 to 50-year-old age bracket.


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